About PB School

PB School programs facilitate children to discover the joy of learning.

About Us

Play with Brain, PB School
Lets children find the joy of learning
Discovers hidden potentials that have yet to be
developed in children
Encourages the continual growth of giftedness
in children
Works with child development experts
PB School programs have been
systematically and scientifically created
by Ph. D. candidates in the field of
child development and education.
These programs are based on many years of
research and experience in child development.
Encourages creativity and critical thinking
We aim to provide educational
environment that helps children
to build upon their creativity
and enhance their critical thinking skills.
Is “fun”
PB School programs motivate children to learn
through the diverse thinking processes
in an environment that is engaging.
Our programs do not only provide
fun activities for children.
We further look into the minds of young children
by building their knowledge by teaching
them the necessary skills and principles.
Understands brain development
We understand that the brain undergoes
an amazing period of development from
birth to the age of eight. We work to create educational
programs that stimulate and enrich brain development.
Believes that every child is gifted
We believe that if we discover the
hidden potential of each child and
provide individualized education,
then every child can grow up to be a
gifted person in one’s unique field.