About PB School

PB School programs facilitate children to discover the joy of learning.

PB School’s Vision

Our vision is to foster outstanding individuals
for the 21th Century through education that
discovers and enhances the potential of our children.
  • A child who knows the
    joy of learning
  • A child with great
  • A child with
  • A child who is not
    afraid of challenges
  • A child with
Challenge and Success

We believe in the importance of early experiences of “challenge and
success” in childhood.
Our programs are based on Vygotsky’s theory of cognitive development.
They are carefully designed to provide tasks that are challenging within
the range of success for our students. We believe that our students will be able to
experience the joy of success through the completion of challenging tasks.
The experience of success in childhood can be the driving force that guides
children to face new challenges without the fear of failure.

What is Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD)?
  • 01 Level of Actual Development
    Tasks that a learner can successfully accomplish without assistance
  • 02 Zone of Proximal Development
    Tasks that a learner can accomplish with some assistance
  • 03 Level of Potential Development
    Tasks that a learner cannot accomplish even with considerable assistance and support